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Select 55

St. Louis, MO

We know how you feel: A light beer isn’t worth drinking if lightness is all it has to offer. You want great flavor, but not if it means you have to exercise more the next day. You want fewer calories, but you don’t want to sacrifice taste. When you choose SELECT 55 you get it all! Here are five reasons why SELECT 55 is the ideal choice for your active lifestyle.

1. It’s delicious.
2. It’s refreshing.
3. It’s waistline-friendly.
4. It brings people together.
5. It’ll add balance to your life.

Ratings & Awards

2010 Bronze Medal Large Brewer Beer at the BevStar Awards


Quick Facts

Brewer: Anheuser-Busch
St. Louis, MO
2.4% Alcohol
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Food Pairings

Spicy Alaskan Salmon Salsa