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Reformation Cadence

Woodstock, GA

Cadence is a beer created to acknowledge that indeed there is a rhythm to life and that every day deserves a moment to give thanks and to enjoy the good gifts of life. Cadence anchors Reformation Brewery’s line and, as the song written for this beer proclaims, there is indeed “fullness in the belly of time’s hunger” if we just pause, “cup hands, kneel, and drink” to “taste and see, it is good.”

Cadence is handcrafted as a Belgian style ale. Technically a Belgian Dubble, it is abundant in malt with mild hop bitterness, medium body with gentle carbonation at 6.9% ABV. Best served at 45-50F. Cadence was one of the first beers master craftsmen Nick entered into a BJCP homebrew competition. It took home the blue ribbon in its category. The beer has reformed over the years and is considered a solid favorite among the Reformation founding partners and community.


Quick Facts

Brewer: Reformation Brewing
Woodstock, GA
6.9% Alcohol
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Food Pairings

Loaded nachos
Premium cheeseburger
Sour Cream Poundcake