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Reformation Atlas

Woodstock, GA

Atlas is handcrafted as an IPA. Unfiltered and deep rust in color, its aroma is citrusy with hints of caramel malt and a distinct spiciness from the rye. Columbus and Cascade hops join forces for a hint of resiny pine and citrus flavor with a prominent spicy rye finish. All these flavors are supported by a robust malt backbone to provide balance and stability for the journey. Gently carbonated and medium to full body allows the bittering hops to linger on the roof of the mouth. 6.8 ABV, best served at 45-50F.

Atlas was once brewed as the first Trans Atlantic craft beer collaboration in South Africa, featured at the annual Solstice festival. Even South Africans love the American Style IPA.


Quick Facts

Brewer: Reformation Brewing
Woodstock, GA
6.8% Alcohol
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Food Pairings

German Cuisine (Kraut, Sausage)
Peppery Cheeses