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Icelandic Glacial

Hlidarendi, Iceland

Icelandic Glacial is an exceptionally pure natural spring water bottled at its source in Iceland and entirely untouched by contaminants & even outside air until the cap is unscrewed for the first time.

The source of Icelandic Glacial water is the legendary Ölfus Spring – a naturally replenished catchment zone formed during a massive volcanic eruption more than 4,500 years ago.

Icelandic’s high quality award-winning & strikingly designed bottles are entirely recyclable and produced from stable materials to ensure the taste of the water remains unchanged.

Icelandic Water Holdings ehf. is a CarbonNeutral® company which accurately reflects our commitment to making a difference to climate change.

Ratings & Awards

2007 Best of 2007 Bottled Water Category from Bevnet Awards

2007 Global Sustainability Award at Global Bottled Water Conference

2007 Bottled Water World Design Award for Best Sustainability Initiative

2006 Selling Wellness Trailblazer Award by Grocery Headquarters

2006 Progressive Grocer Editors Pick for Best New Product

2006 Silver Medal at the Berkeley Spring International Water Tasting Awards

2005 Bottled Water World Design Award for Best Label

2005 Bottle Water World Design Award for Best Overall Concept


Quick Facts

Brewer: Icelandic Water Holdings
Hlidarendi, Iceland
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