NEGA Welcomes Dry County Brewing

This week we are excited to announce the Northeast Georgia debut of Dry County Brewing from Kennesaw, GA.

Dry County is a much-anticipated brewery for our market and has an incredible portfolio of beers that the brewers have been perfecting since 2016. You may have sampled some of Dry County’s beer recipes at the 2017 Classic City Brew Fest in Athens, where several year-rounds were on tap as well as a tasty cask called Gin & Juicy.

We’ll be starting out with Dry County IPA, an American IPA at 6.4%; Noonday, an extra pale ale at 5.5%;

IPA Day 2017

Today marks the annual celebration of IPAs everywhere.

In tribute to this popular and long-enjoyed style of beer, enjoy a pour of your favorite IPA and work on your IPA-themed trivia. Use hashtag #IPAday to join the holiday conversation on social media!

1. IPA means what what?
India Pale Ale – a hoppy, traditionally bitter style of beer. Historically the IPA was created to provide the British with a beer that would last the length of a trade ship’s voyage to India. English beer often went bad before reaching shore because of poor storage conditions on board.

2017 US Open Beer Champions

This year’s US Open Beer Championship announced winners yesterday after its panel of judges selected the best submissions in 99 different beer style categories.

Leon Farmer & Company is pleased to announce that several of our distribution partners were awarded medals for their beer submissions in this year’s competition!

Cherry Street Brewing Co-op

  • Grand National Champion of the 2017 US Open
  • Gold – O.A.S.I.S American Imperial Stout
  • Gold – Ta Ta Pilsner
  • Gold – Damebier Maple Strong Ale
  • Silver – Dirty Frenchman Saison
  • Bronze –

All About Pale Ales

The Pale Ale is a hoppy style of beer that’s one step down from IPAs, one step up from Amber Ales.

Pale ale is named because brewers use a larger proportion of hops than most beers, which results in a lighter color, and less wheat. It is synonymously referred to as a bitter ale. There are many types of pale ale, including Amber Ale, India Pale Ale, Golden Ale, and English Bitter, but for now I’d like to present some American Pale Ales.

Kona Brewing Company from Hawaii has an island-style pale ale called Fire Rock that has been a medal winner at numerous beer competitions over the years,

Athfest Music and Arts Festival 2017

AthFest is an annual three-day event that showcases local and regional musicians and artists in downtown Athens.

The festival entertains on two outdoor stages and multiple indoor venues, and features artwork, crafts, and food from local artists, small businesses and restaurants. Its purpose is to celebrate art and music in the Classic City while generating awareness and fundraising for AthFest Educates, a nonprofit dedicated to the support of music and arts education for youth. Click here to learn more about Athfest Educates and its upcoming fundraisers.

In addition to all of the awesome Athfest happenings,