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What is the difference between draft, bottled and canned beer?

Draft, bottles, and cans are ways of storing beer for drinking.

Draft beer is the most popular when available. It is poured from a tap to serve, and this gives it a unique “mouthfeel” because of the carbon dioxide. Draft beer has a shorter shelf life than bottled or canned beer because it has not undergone pasteurization before being packaged into metal kegs. Draft beer is usually sold in bars, restaurants, and other establishments where beer is a regular staple for on-premise refreshment.

Bottled beer usually, but not always, undergoes pasteurization before glass bottling and has a shelf life of around three months. Brown bottled beer keeps longer than green or clear bottle beer. This is because sunlight or fluorescent light causes oxidation faster inside green or clear bottles than in brown bottles. If you buy beer in any color bottle that’s not brown, be sure to keep it in a dark place until you’re ready to drink it.

Canned beer is filtered before it goes into an aluminum can. Once canned it goes through the pasteurization process. Brewers generally tweak their recipes to make up for any flavor lost in the filtering and pasteurizing processes. Canned beers can be spoiled by exposure to extreme temperatures.

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