Beer - From The Field to the Glass

What are the ingredients used to make beer?

The basic ingredients of any beer are water, barley malt, hops and yeast. Brewers add special grains, herbs, spices, fruit, vegetables and even chocolate to provide unique tastes to their beers.

Water makes up the majority of a beer’s content.

Barley is a basic cereal grain that isn’t used much in baking, but is perfect for beer. Barley consists of enzymes which convert the starch in the grain into sugar and other fermentables. The barley must go through a process called “malting” before it can be used in brewing.

Hops are a flower from a vine. They provide the majority of the bitterness and aroma found in beer and are boiled to release the oils providing these flavors into the brew. There are many varieties of hops produced all over the world.

Yeast are unicellular fungi. Yeast is the most important part of brewing beer. Yeast converts sugars into alcohol through a fermentation process. Yeast has a faint flavor but can still affect the taste of a beer.

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