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How should a beer be served?

Beer should be served in a glass to give it proper carbonation. Beer in bottles has a much higher carbonation. The aroma and color of the beer are also better experienced through a clean glass.

Beer in general should be served at “cellar temperature.” This means warmer than a fridge, but colder than the room you’re in. Taking a beer out of the fridge and waiting a few minutes should let it settle to a good temperature for you to better experience the taste and aroma. With that said, drink your lagers at a lower temperature than your ales. Lagers brew in cooler temperatures and taste best in environment in which they were brewed.

In 2000, ran this helpful guide:
A beer served too cold will withhold most of its flavor. But while serving beer at room temperature brings out the flavors and aromas and is appropriate when judging beer, most drinkers prefer something cooler. Some general guidelines:

- Serve fruit beers at 40-50° F.
- Serve wheat beers and pale lagers at 45-50° F.
- Serve pale ales and amber or dark lagers at 50-55° F.
- Serve strong ales, such as Belgian ales, at 50-55° F.
- Serve dark ales, including porters and stouts, at 55-60° F.

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