Corporate and Social Responsibility

Can you sponsor or donate to my organization or event?

Sponsorships and donations are handled on a case-by-case basis through our marketing department. Please email us at with the following information, as well as any related forms or documents, in order for us to review your request:

Organization Name
Organization Purpose
Organization Location
Website link if available

Event Name
Date and time
Number of people expected to attend

Contact Person
Phone & Email

Details of request – monetary contribution, item donation, sponsorship, etc.

Please understand that due to the large number of requests we receive each year, we cannot satisfy all requests. If your request is time-sensitive, please email us at least one month in advance. We do not donate alcoholic products.

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What do you do to prevent underage drinking?

Leon Farmer and Company is very dedicated to the responsible and legal consumption of its products. We work closely with our brewing partners, retailers, local stakeholders and community leaders to deliver programs and solutions that address a wide range of alcohol issues including but certainly not limited to underage drinking. You can learn more about the efforts we support on our Reponsibility Page.

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How do you promote responsible alcohol consumption?

Leon Farmer and Company actively promotes the responsible use of alcohol through a multitude of outlets. These include billboards, print advertisements, participation in community organizations like CPAW and Designated Dawgs, and sponsoring guest speakers in schools. Please visit our Responsibility Page for additional details about these and other organizations.

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Is beer distributing an environmentally friendly business?

We try to make it that way! As with any other business, beer distributors have the ability to alter their operation to decrease their impact on the environment.

The use of electricity and lighting as well as vehicles and gasoline make up a big part of how Leon Farmer and Company operates. Since 2008, Leon Farmer and Company has invested a lot of time and effort to reduce our carbon footprint and take steps to become energy self-sufficient in our warehouses.

We also work with the community and sponsor “green” events like the Green Life Expo in Athens to promote awareness about the cause. Our environment is important to us as individuals and as a company, and we’re doing whatever we can to help.

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