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Welcome Pumking

Oct 10, 2015

Southern Tier Pumking is an annual favorite among the fall beer lovers, who anxiously await its arrival. This year, the Imperial pumpkin ale comes to us not in 22oz bombers, but in 12oz 4packs – a change that perhaps will make imbibers more ...

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Fall-flavored Brews

Oct 16, 2013

Between the start of football season and Halloween, the best of the fall seasonal beers make their short-lived but much-enjoyed appearances to the craft beer market. We have some great ones to share this year from Magic Hat, Southern Tier, Goose I...

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The Great Pumpkin Beer

Sep 15, 2011

I had a nice chat with a follower on Twitter recently about what desserts can be made with pumpkin beers. It is, after all, that time of year when fall brews come out of hiding for a couple months and grace us with their bold flavors. Did you know...

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News Items

Autumn Brew News - the Fall Newsletter

Sep 11, 2012

Every 3 months, we release a seasonal newsletter to let everyone know what new and old craft brews are coming into town from Leon Farmer & Company. This fall is more exciting than most because of several recent and upcoming brewery releases in...

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Pumking in the Red and Black

Oct 13, 2010

Southern Tier’s fall Pumking has made the news once again! Local student journalist and self-proclaimed beer connoisseur Zack Taylor began a weekly column in UGA’s “Red and Black” to review the latest in great craft beers. ...

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