Dahlonega’s Local Meadery

Enjoy the world’s oldest alcoholic beverage at Etowah Meadery in Dahlonega, Georgia, where award-winning mead is fermented with locally sourced honey and flavored with other local ingredients like blueberries and figs for a unique and refreshing beverage.

Mead is traditionally made up of honey that is diluted with water and fermented with yeast into an alcoholic beverage similar to wine but with a heavier, lingering mouthfeel from the honey. Mead can be dry, sweet, or tart, and it can be smooth like wine or carbonated like champagne. Alcohol content can range from 5 percent to more than 20 percent. Additives of fruit, berries, chocolate, spices, and even grains can vary the flavor for a modern mead with a “craft” taste.

At Etowah Meadery, veteran and meadery founder Blair Housley has more than 50 recipes of mead and is always creating something new. At any given time, at least 10 of his recipes are available at the meadery, with several of those also available at retailers throughout Georgia, including FIGettaboudit, Got the Blues, and Stone Pile Peach.

Blair’s meadery space has two additional buildings onsite, where he plans to eventually open a brewery and a distillery for a one-stop tasting site in the mountains of Dahlonega. For now, visitors enjoy their trips to the Etowah Meadery taproom to enjoy a flight of flavored meads on the covered porch before selecting a bottle to purchase and take home. Stop by for a taste and, as Blair says, “Getcha buzz on!”