Athens Is Going Straight To Ale

Southern Born, Southern Brewed, and Back in Town! Straight To Ale returns to Northeast Georgia this spring in partnership with Leon Farmer and Company.

Founded by local home brewers in 2009, Straight to Ale has quickly grown to become one of Alabama’s largest production breweries. Starting small with a 3 Barrel brewhouse in 500 square feet in Huntsville’s Historic Lincoln Mill, the brewery gained regional and national attention with the craft beer community and continues to grow its distribution footprint to cover the Southeast.

In the summer of 2016, Straight To Ale opened a new 55,000 square foot facility at Campus 805, reclaiming a long vacant Middle School campus on the edge of downtown Huntsville and turning it into a thriving community of breweries, bars, restaurants, and local shops. At this new location, the brewery has expanded to include cider and mead production along with distilled spirits (Shelta Cavern Spirits), a scratch made kitchen (Ale’s Kitchen), a pinball arcade and pool room (Ronnie Rayguns).

The brewery will begin NEGA distribution with its three core brands and a couple of specialties:

  • Monkeynaut IPA – Albert. Able. Gordo. Miss Baker. Bonny. Goliath. Between 1948 and 1961 these primate pioneers and others bravely went where no man had ever gone before, paving the way for manned U.S. spaceflight. This hoppy little monkey of a beer is a tribute to those Simian heroes of yesteryear. It has a citrusy, floral aroma, strong malt body and crisp finish. 7.3% ABV
  • Brother Joseph’s Belgian DubbelMaimed in an accident that left him with a hunched back, Brother Joseph Zoettl worked in the St. Bernard Abbey power plant shoveling coal. In his spare time, Brother Joseph used found objects such as marbles and chunks of concrete and tile to build miniature shrines and buildings on the Abbey grounds. Over 40 years, he created 125 different models and replicas.Today, the Ave Maria Grotto covers three acres and is world-renowned as both a fun roadside attraction and an awe-inspiring collection of folk art. We have named our Belgian dubbel after Brother Joseph as a testament to his perseverance, his hard work, and his indomitable spirit. A full-flavored abbey-style ale with a complex taste and aroma, Brother Joseph’s Dubbel is filled with specialty malt and dark fruit character. 8.0% ABV
  • Lily Flagg Milk Stout – Lily Flagg is named for Huntsville’s most famous quadruped. A prize cow owned by local plantation owner Samuel B. Moore, Lily Flagg was honored as one of the world’s best butterfat producers in 1892 at an exposition in Chicago. This dark, rich beer contains tons of roasted malt goodness, hints of chocolate and coffee and a creamy mouth feel from the addition of milk sugars during the brewing process. 5.0% ABV
  • He Ain’t Hefe Hefeweizen –  A riff on the 1969 hit by the Hollies, “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s my Brother,” this traditional German unfiltered wheat beer has a nose of banana and clove. Sweet, citrusy, and refreshing. 4.5% ABV
  • Velvet Evil Old Ale – It’s dessert in liquid form! Complex flavors blend to create something that you have never experienced before. This brew was created from the base of our Unobtainium Old Ale, but transformed into a totally different devil with the addition of chocolate, coffee, and raspberries. This brew is smooth as velvet and perfect for dessert! 11.5% ABV