IPA Day 2017

Today marks the annual celebration of IPAs everywhere.

In tribute to this popular and long-enjoyed style of beer, enjoy a pour of your favorite IPA and work on your IPA-themed trivia. Use hashtag #IPAday to join the holiday conversation on social media!

1. IPA means what what?
India Pale Ale – a hoppy, traditionally bitter style of beer. Historically the IPA was created to provide the British with a beer that would last the length of a trade ship’s voyage to India. English beer often went bad before reaching shore because of poor storage conditions on board. IPAs were brewed with higher alcohol content and higher hop concentration than traditional pale ales to made the beer last longer.

2. When were IPAs first brewed?
Sometime in the late 1700s – The term ‘India Pale Ale’ wasn’t used until the 1820s, but pale ale brewed in the IPA style was documented in India several decades earlier.

3. What is the main ingredient in an IPA?
Hops – Because hops have preservative properties, they are an ideal addition to beer recipes. Hoppy beer lasts longer, and can have a strong, bitter taste depending on the types of hops used. IPAs have become one of the most popular styles in the beer industry.

4. What are the three primary styles of IPA?
American, English, and Double/Imperial – Each of these categories can have substyles as well, such as black IPAs, white IPAs, and wheat IPAs.

5. What are some good IPAs to try?
Oh we have lots to choose from at Leon Farmer and Company. Here are just a few: