2017 US Open Beer Champions

This year’s US Open Beer Championship announced winners yesterday after its panel of judges selected the best submissions in 99 different beer style categories.

Leon Farmer & Company is pleased to announce that several of our distribution partners were awarded medals for their beer submissions in this year’s competition!

Cherry Street Brewing Co-op

  • Grand National Champion of the 2017 US Open
  • Gold – O.A.S.I.S American Imperial Stout
  • Gold – Ta Ta Pilsner
  • Gold – Damebier Maple Strong Ale
  • Silver – Dirty Frenchman Saison
  • Bronze – Wonderwall Strong Stout
  • Bronze – Dambier Scotch Ale

Lonerider Brewery

  • Bronze – Sweet Jose Brown Ale
  • Bronze – Shotgun Betty German Hefeweizen

Monday Night Brewing

  • Silver – Garage #6 Barrel-aged Strong Ale
  • Silver – Tears of My Enemies Strong Stout

Red Hare Brewing

  • Gold – Long Day Lager

Reformation Brewery

  • Bronze – Cadence Belgian Tripel

The annual competition included more than 6,000 entries by professional breweries and award-winning home-brewers, with judges from England, Canada and the United States. The complete winner’s list can be found at U.S. Open Winners List. Congratulations and cheers to each of our brewing partners! We’re proud to offer many of these award-winning beers to our customers in Athens and Northeast Georgia.