Electric Monkey
Wild Energy

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Electric Monkey is the perfect blend of classic energy taste and light carbonation making it great on its own for a boost or as a mixer to get any party going!

Electric Monkey is fueled by taurine and real sugar eliminating the harsh and sticky aftertaste left by other energy drinks; One sip and you’ll taste the difference.

Whether studying, tailgating, working out, a day out on the lake or at your favorite bar or club, grab a can for you and a friend so you too can get “Funky with the Monkey”. We don’t have a Formula 1 Team, nor do we have an Astronaut jumping from a satellite, but what we do have is the flavor energy drinkers LOVE. We use only quality ingredients and real sugar at a price that everyone can afford.

Proudly MADE IN THE USA to create jobs and keep costs lower than the expensive European import. Electric Monkey will make you go wild from the first sip!

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