All About Pale Ales

The Pale Ale is a hoppy style of beer that’s one step down from IPAs, one step up from Amber Ales.

Pale ale is named because brewers use a larger proportion of hops than most beers, which results in a lighter color, and less wheat. It is synonymously referred to as a bitter ale. There are many types of pale ale, including Amber Ale, India Pale Ale, Golden Ale, and English Bitter, but for now I’d like to present some American Pale Ales.

Kona Brewing Company from Hawaii has an island-style pale ale called Fire Rock that has been a medal winner at numerous beer competitions over the years, including the U.S. Open Beer Championships, the U.S. Beer Tasting Championships, and the Capital Food and Wine Festival.

Red Hare Brewing‘s Cotton Tail Pale Ale is a refreshing, floral pale with a malty backbone. This beer is the base for a summer seasonal called Orange Creamsic-Ale, which tastes like… you guessed it. Orange Creamsicle.

Broad Street Pale Ale is a pale ale produced by The Southern Brewing Company in Athens with citrusy, peachy notes perfect for enjoying a summer afternoon at the brewery.

LNB in Gainesville is known for American Obsession, a pale made with all American ingredients for a clean malt flavor and pleasant aromas of apple, pear, and hoppy orange.

Pale ales pair perfectly with grilled steak, roasted tenderloin as well as spicy tuna sushi or a nice chicken salad. Enjoy one today!