Red Hare
Brewing Company

Red Hare Brewing is an independent craft brewery located in the heart of Marietta, Georgia.

White collar businessmen Bobby Thomas and Roger Davis started out as home brewers and decided to leave the corporate world for their delicious hobby. On Labor Day weekend in 2011, they began selling Red Hare beer throughout Georgia. In 2012, the brewery became the first in the state to can their beer using Evercan recycled aluminum. Red Hare has won numerous awards for their beers, and is currently distributed in five states across the South.

Core Beers

  • Long Day Lager
  • Gangway IPA
  • Cotton Tail Pale Ale
  • Gem City Classic Light Lager
  • SPF 50/50 Grapefruit IPA Radler


  • Berry Belgian Waffle Ale – Winter
  • Sticky Stout – Winter
  • Hasenpfeffer Oktoberfest – Fall
  • Long Night Coffee Lager – Fall
  • Cotton Tail Orange Creamsic-Ale – Summer
  • Whabbit Wheat – Spring
  • Ain’t That a Peach – Spring

Non-Alcoholic Sodas

  • Root Beer
  • Grapefruit Soda
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Marietta, GA

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