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Brewed in an old jailhouse in in Hampton, Georgia, Jailhouse beer is so good… it should be outlawed.

Jailhouse Brewing opened in October 2009, and its namesake, a distinctive brick building built in the early 1920s, has served not only as the City Jail, but also as a sandwich shop, fire station, and mason lodge. The building was also featured in several scenes of the Walking Dead! Founder Glenn Golden has a background in home brewing, and a formal brewing education on top of that; his beers are just as unique as the building in which they’re brewed.

Core Beers

  • Mugshot IPA
  • Alibi Grit Cream Ale
  • Misdemeanor Amber Ale
  • Slammer Wheat
  • Badge Hoppy Lager


  • Breakout Stout – Fall and Winter
  • Restraining Order Porter – Fall
  • Reprieve Saison – Spring and Summer
  • Conjugal Visit Imperial India Red Ale – Winter

Justice Series

  • The Judge Barleywine
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Hampton, GA

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