Atlanta Cask Ale Tasting 2017

Head to Atlanta on Saturday, January 21st and be a part of the annual Atlanta Cask Ale Tasting, brought to you by Brewtopia Events!

From 2:30pm to 6pm at 5 Seasons Brewing Sandy Springs and Taco Mac Prado, ticket holders will have the chance to sample 50 rare, cask-conditioned real ales from the US and United Kingdom and purchase food from 5 Seasons and Taco Mac. A Monday Night Brewing pint glass is included with each ticket, which you can get at the ACAT’s website here. The event is put on by Owen Ogletree of Brewtopia Events; Owen is also the man behind our favorite spring beer festival, the Classic City Brew Fest.

What is a real ale, you may ask? The ACAT website explains it best:
From London’s Independent Real Ale Guide… “Real ale or cask-conditioned beer is a natural, living product. At the end of the production process – using the finest malted barley, hops, yeast and pure water – the beer is not filtered, pasteurised or artificially carbonated. It’s placed into casks (called firkins), often with extra hops for aroma, and delivered in unfinished form to pubs. Here the beer enjoys a secondary fermentation in cask that creates a full, mature flavour. In UK pubs, when the yeast has settled, the beer is drawn by the familiar hand-pump attached to a suction pump known as a beer engine. Some pubs without cellars still serve beer straight from the cask using a simple gravity tap.” The Atlanta Cask Ale Tasting utilizes simple gravity taps to serve its real ales.

This is fresh ale the way it was meant to be served! Attendees at the Atlanta Cask Ale Tasting (ACAT) will be amazed at the complexity and smooth, delicious character of these special real ales. The beer lineup at ACAT will include cask versions of some classic styles, some dry-hopped versions (with fresh hops added to the cask), and some surprise specialty beers with exceptional ingredients! A panel of beer judges will even award “best of show” ribbons.

Please read the Attendance Notes section of the website for information regarding weather, as the event is mostly outdoors and cask ales like to be kept cold!